How To End Afterschool Snack Drama

Get your after school snacks together, mom.

I don’t know about you, but without supervision and portioning, my kids would run through snacks in no time. My kids are like most,  they would rather eat a bunch of random snacks than to eat a meal.

Because I keep fairly healthy snacks in my home it’s not always a bad thing.  for example,  Saturday mornings when there is no more milk for cereal or Friday nights when we have game night and just snack throughout the evening.

Too much snacking can get expensive though. I’m working in saving more and managing my finances better by doing a financial challenge.  I’ll share more about that some other time. In the meantime try this tip with your snacksters. If you do it,  tag #singlemomsuccess365 in your social media posts.

I bought lots of snacks this past weekend.  They usually go pretty fast because I would let the kids get their own portions and I usually say yes when they ask if they can get a snack. Well times are changing.  I’m cutting corners everywhere and making my home run more efficiently. It takes time,  but it is so worth it.

Here,  I’ve organized the snacks on the shack shelf by giving each kid an equal amount of snacks.  each child has their own basket with their name on it.  if they sneak into their snacks before I replenish them,  they will only be cheating themselves.  No more running out of snacks and not knowing who was a little extra with their snacking.

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